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Ongoing Clinical Trials

 Clinical Trial Indication #Patients Highlights
Phase 2 Dose Escalation Trial

Option2 NCT04375878 
Cystic Fibrosis 30
  • Open label, crossover study comparing MS1819 to commercial PERTs
  • Study 2.2 mg/day and 4.4. mg/day using enteric capsules for gastric protection
Phase 2 Combination Therapy Dose Escalation Trial

Combination MS1819 PERT NCT04302662
Cystic Fibrosis
Severe EPI
  • Add MS1819 to commercial PERT to improve patient control
  • Primary endpoint to increase CFA from baseline value of <80% on PERT alone
 Clinical Trial Indication #Patients Highlights
Phase 2 Safety and Efficacy Trial

reservoir NCT04858425 
COVID-19 GI Infections 148
  • First study towards repurposing potent anti-viral therapeutic to treat gastrointestinal infections of COVID-19
  • Proprietary oral formulation of niclosamide